Jurassic Park: The Ride Edit

Jurassic Park: The Ride


Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios Japan


June 21, 1996 (US) 2001 (Japan)

Park sections

Lower Lot (US) Jurassic Park (Japan)






85 feet

Jurassic Park: The Ride is a Shoot-the-Chutes ride themed after Steven Spielberg's famous hit movie Jurassic Park and Michael Crichton's novel.

Ride sequence.Edit

The ride begins as you go through the famous gate of Jurassic Park and encounter some weird and jurassic dinosaurs from the Jurassic Age. Guests ride in tour boats to see a car, falling off a cliff and into the water as they go into a steel building with red lights flashing all around. Last before the straight down drop is a giant tyrannosaurus rex, who roars at them before making a splash down 8 stories in front of a crowd. The ride then goes back to the station, and your ride is over.

Photo GalleryEdit

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